Clara’s Magic Garden Wins Gold Mom’s Choice Award

Clara's Magic Garden Wins Gold!


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11/12/20201 min read

The Mom's Choice Awards (MCA) is a prestigious program that recognizes

outstanding family-friendly media, products, and services from over 60

countries. Among its categories, the MCA's Children's Literature Awards,

particularly the Gold Division Award, stand out as a symbol of excellence in

children's books.

Founded by Dawn Matheson, a dedicated mother and advocate for quality

family resources, the Mom's Choice Awards aims to assist parents and

caregivers in making informed choices. Its rigorous evaluation process

involves a panel of judges, including parents, educators, librarians, and

experts from various fields. These judges meticulously assess entries based

on criteria such as quality, educational and entertainment value, originality,

and overall appeal.

The Gold Division Award in Children's Literature is the highest honor a

children's book can achieve within the MCA. Winning this award signifies that

a book has not only met but exceeded MCA's stringent standards, making it a

trusted choice for families. It validates a books quality, design, and appeal to

young readers.

Clara's Magic Garden Gold Division Award is a significant achievement,

highlighting its impact on children's literature and its contribution to the literary world.