Father & Son Launch Book at Nation's Top Hospital

Clara's Magic Garden Book Launch


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9/15/20231 min read

On September 14, 2023, we celebrated the extraordinary launch of Clara’s Magic

Garden. This heartwarming event, hosted by Northwestern Medicine at CDH in Winfield,

IL, was a resounding success. Our book not only brought smiles to the faces of children

but also raised thousands of dollars for Ronald McDonald House Charities. We were

honored to have special guest Dennis McKinnon, Chicago Bears Super Bowl star, who read the book and shared inspirational comments.

The event featured talks by Scott J. Kolbaba, MD, and his son Florin T. Kolbaba, who shared their remarkable two-year journey in writing the book and the challenges they

overcame. The launch was a true testament to the power of storytelling and community

support. Ronald McDonald House Charities was so impressed that they are exploring the possibility of hosting similar launches at other Ronald McDonald House openings.

Many attendees purchased multiple copies of the book for their children and grandchildren, spreading the magic even further.